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Disable 2.4Ghz on vSZ-H 5.1.2

New Contributor
Hello, I want to know if there is a way to completely disable 2.4GHz per AP Group.

I have created 3 other AP groups (One for 1,6,11GHz Channels) but I cannot seem to figure out how to completely disable the 2.4Ghz for my last profile.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

New Contributor II
Just create an empty WLAN Group (a WLAN Group without any WLAN object) and set this WLAN group as override on the 2,4 GHz section in the AP Group configuration.
This is how we disabled 2.4 GHz for certain AP groups.

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New Contributor

Thank you for the quick response.

New Contributor II
  1. It's a little cumbersome to restrict SSIDs to certain bands.  You need to create a "WLAN Group (WG)" to advertise a subset or specific set of SSIDs.  For example:
    1. Create a WG called "Public-Guest" in your Zone (under Wireless LANs > Select Zone > "+" to create a WLAN Group
    2. Move the JUHSD-Public SSID into this WG
    3. Under Access Points, select a Zone and Access Point Group (AG) to associate with this WG.  This may be the default AG unless you've grouped APs into logical groups.
    4. Edit the AG using the pencil icon above.  Under "Radio (2.4 GHz)" > WLAN Group, move the slider to "ON" to override the group and select the WG you created earlier.  This will only advertise SSIDs in this WG on the 2.4GHz band.