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Is there a way to move AP Groups to a new Zone?

New Contributor II

Hi we are aligning our AP Group due to the max number of AP's in a Zone. Is there a way we can move AP Group including AP's under it to a new Zone?


New Contributor III

Have not done this, you are lucky you have AP-s, we think now it is never going to happen, because of the shortage 🙂 

May be it is easiest to select all ap-s in the group and move to another zone and then to a group. Group does not have too many parameters to restore. But if you have 50+ groups, it is another story.


yes we have around hundreds of AP groups we need to move. Looking for an easier way to do it in bulk. Thanks!


you can to make template from the zone and create new zone from template. Than it will be easy to move APs, as most configuration will be already there.

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Mark,

AP groups cannot be moved between the zone.

Please use Clone option, it will create identical Zone with all the AP groups inside it. Once done, you can move the APs from one zone to another.

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