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How to view client records


The smartzone version is

How to view the login and logout records of the client, I haven't known about it yet

For example, if I know the physical address, how can I check his wireless records for a day today





RUCKUS Team Member


You can navigate to Network> Access Points> System> Event and search for event type "Client joined" or "Client disconnected". You can also search client mac address.

You can enable "Historical Connection Failures" feature under the zone to view past connection problems. Please watch video for more information:

hi Kiran_Raval

I didn't see the options after System>Event and search for event type "Client joined" or "Client". The following is a screenshot

My smartzone version is



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @cangqingse 

You should be able to see the client association and disassociation events in the Events tab.

However, just have a check if the client management events are enabled on the SZ. Checkout my below post on the same and see if that helps.

If you want to see the logs for the historical logs, you should configure the Syslog server to export the events from the controller, as the old logs will be overwritten on the controller.

hi sanjay_kumar

My sz version is 6.1.1

I didn't see where to start the client management event? May I ask where to set it up