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HotSpot 2.0 and captive portal

New Contributor

I am setting up HotSpot 2.0 Access on my virtual smart zone and noticed that there isn't an option for setting up a splash page / captive portal.

I know the typical behaviour is to either have the profile installed ahead of time through a web page download or use the OSU to enable installing the profile at connection time.

The use case I have is for a user that has successfully connected but based on a Radius Attribute to move to a walled garden or to not move to a walled garden then allow the redirect to kick in and prompt the captive portal.  We are using this technique with Meraki to prompt users for additional information once they connect to our network.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello, cbishop.

According to the onboarding workflow in SZ/vSZ for new users in the HS2.0 WLAN, we have the option to use an 'onboarding-WLAN' that will redirect users to the specified URL so they get the opportunity to perform the OSU.
Once they have been authenticated, they will be automatically moved to the HS2.0 WLAN.

This is the only use that the workflow gives to the redirection URL.

As per my undersntanding of your query, you're looking for the clients to be redirected one more time after they have been successfully authenticated and connected to the 2.0HS WLAN. Is this correct?


With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support

Yes. For instance the user installs a profile through a web page on LTE.  After installation the user is connected to the 2.0HS WLAN.  At this point the user would be in a walled garden which would prompt the captive portal.

In such a case, the captive portal would be within the 2.0HS WLAN, but this is expected that the users in such WLAN are authenticated already, so no need for captive portal in that WLAN.

That is why the controller offers the option to connect initially to the 'onboarding WLAN' that can act as walled garden with specific sites permitted, in addition to a redirection URL.
Once authenticated, the user will be granted with full access in the 2.0HS WLAN.
Please let me know if this clarifies your concerns.

With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support