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Guest portal Redirects users to IP , i want to fqdn instead

New Contributor III
hello, we are running VSZ-High Scale 5.1.2

After configuring the guest portal, users connected are being redirected to IP ( http:// of ap>:9997) / i want to get them redirect to an fqdn instead. Appreciate if someone helps me in doing this. Thank you

Esteemed Contributor II
Hm, sounds like a Feature Request...

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Mohammad,

I believe you need to have the SSL certificate on the Controller.

If the guest portal is HTTP the AP will use IP address for redirection even if it has certificate.
if the guest portal is HTTPS AP will use FQND [since HTTPS include certificate exchange].

AP shall create a DNS entry for controller FQDN and provide a page with FQDN.

The local DNS should resolve the Controller UP to the name.

Check the below link.


how can i create a dns entry for the controller on the AP?

do you have a documentation for that?


best regards


New Contributor

do you have a Guid how to set "Guest portal Redirects users to IP , i want to fqdn instead"  ?