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Guest Portal Design/Language Issues / Customization in vSZ-E 6.1



currently we are preparing our Migraion from SZ100 to vSZ-E. After checking the new guest portal features in i am very disappointed regarding the feature improvement in the last years. So the only big new features to guest portals are social media login and a self registration page?!

Its still not possible to customize the captive portal with own CI-colours. There are also quite a few HTML/CSS style issues with buttons and text. When choosing German as language, only some fields are translated, a lot of text ist still in English and the complete self-registration form is English too!! We also would like to customize the example text in the fields, cause they are more US-related.

Is there a way to customize the self-registration page? We also would like to remove the jop/title field, cause it is not necessery for us.

thx a lot in advance.