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GTK Rekey Period

New Contributor


We have about 1000 APs and 3 vSZ-HS wireless controllers.

Here is the version of the controllers:
Now, I have to find out the GTK Rekey Period information.

But I haven't seen it on any of the pages.
First, what is the default value of the GTK rekey period?

And, how can I check or change this value?

Thanks in advance,


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @netadmin 
The GTK Rekey period is set to 2 hours (7200 seconds) by default.
To see on how to check and how to configure, instead of discussing in the public forum, it would be great if you can open a support case so that we can show you and configure it according to the requirement.

New Contributor

Thank you Sanjay,

But, If possible, a little knowledge would be enough for me instead of making configuration changes.

Is this feature on or off by default?
Because in an article I read, there was only an on/off button, but no textfield to change the period.
But unfortunately this button also does not appear in my controls.
I guess it's a feature that comes with the new version.

Hi @netadmin 
This feature is On by default, you can see the same on the SSID settings.
The default timer is set to 7200, and if you want to change it, we have to do this from the CLI, but as per the requirement.

What is the version of the controller you are using?

New Contributor

Controller version:
In fact, I don't want to change it, just I need to find out what is the status of GTK. Is it on or off? If it is on, what is the time period of it? Unfortunately it doesn't show up in my SSID settings.