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Frequent disconnection


I would like to ask a question: When using firmware version 3.6 of the smartzone access point, there may be wireless network drops. How can I optimize this? Because AP 7982, we can only use access point firmware 3.6


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @cangqingse 
Can you explain more about the Wireless network drops? Are you referring to client disconnection or other performance?
If it is Client dropping, we need to understand the reason for the Client drops. Weather it is due to Coverage, Interference, Roaming, Bad signal etc.
We can check this from AP support log.

If you can explain more about the issue, then it will be lot easier to understand the issue and decide on the action plan.

hi sanjay_kumar

It was a roaming disconnection, and I couldn't find any relevant disconnection records in the log. I saw a fix in version 5.2.2 that solved the issue of the client being disconnected quickly. Is this the reason why r joined or roamed to the AP (ER-10320, ER-10450)? How can I determine

Dear @cangqingse 

It's not easy to determine why a client or clients are dropping the wifi.

It's required to investigate from many perspetives. Here is a starting point:

- device type affected

- area or location affected

- specific time of the day with affectation

- interference in the area

- bad channel, channel width or transmission power configuration

- roaming configuration

Feel free to share more details about those item along with syslo log information related to the affected client, I will be happy to continue to investigate with you.

With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support