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Flgged high Lantency reading

New Contributor

I been monitor the a few newly deploy Access point where VSZ-E is showing high latency on 2.4Ghz  and 5 Ghz, where number of user are only 5 or less. It been flagged and Latency have not recover since deployment 

Image_ images_messages_6018d9330ff9e152393d662c_ef6ae5754c6851e318efb05aead7af2b_Latency-52ec27a7-2d28-4c8e-b68a-0f7277253feb-1496238801.jpg

Do anyone have this issue? 

Any idea is this a bug or what is the possible cause of the latency.

Thanks for Answering in advance.


New Contributor III

As far as I remember, latency is montoring Wi-Fi protocol ACK packets and mostly it referres to CA network occupancy, i.e network is busy or packets have disappeared due to radio propagation and retransmitted. 

It usually means that some neighbor network uses same channels. Take a look on channels used around and change AP channel settings accordingly. 

Hope it helps

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Rodger,

I will always start with controller model, firmware version, number of APs connected to it and how close APs are installed.

Another major point is, AP stats flagging is set to default, so default settings may not be ideal for all type of installations, for example dense environments.

Change the flag sensitivity (set to low) and threshold (to high) depending upon how close APs are installed and how fair this environment is.

For more about the feature, refer below article which will give you some additional information.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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Controller VSZ-E

Cotroller Version

Total 22 AP spread into 4 floor

Each AP is nearest about 15 meter apart with wall and partition in between.

AP model Ruckus AP650