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Feature Request - Allow Web Authentication service to set Session Timeout to longer than 10 days

New Contributor

Feature Request

Smart Zone 100 only allows you to set the Session Timeout for the Web Authentication Service (Captive Portal) to 14400 minutes or 10 days.  This is a downgrade to Zone Director which used to allow 100 day timeout.  We are a school system and forcing the teachers to authenticate every 10 days is not practical.  Additionally, the authentication needs to be persistent.  For example, if a user travels to another site and connects to their ssid, then the authentication to the web authentication service does not hold it's setting and the user must reauthenticate even before the 10 day period is up. Would it be possible for the smart zone to hold the authentication for the period of time specified.  


Just to clarify for my understanding. Let's assume the Session Timeout is maxed out to 14400 (10 days) and the Grace Period is set to 14399.

User Authenticates to portal on Monday at 8 AM and is associated for 1 hr. They then leave and do not come back until the following Monday at 8 AM. My understanding is with those values they do not need to auth again. Now that same User leaves and comes back that Friday. Do they need to re-auth at that point?