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Missing features in SmartZone



here a small part out of the SmartZone manual: SmartZone controllers are better equipped to handle large WiFi deployments such as within campuses and when customers are vastly distributed; therefore, Ruckus Wireless recommends that you migrate existing ZoneDirector deployments to SamrtZone controller deployments. 

so Ruckus "recommends' a migration

just did start one at a customer, and it's no fun to do, because some features on the ZoneDirector platform are missing in SmartZone

- social login on SmartZone, not working

- self registration: eu... no idea, it's not there

- Zero-IT: eu... no idea, it's not there

just adding this to the forum to put some pressure on the cettle

why would we migrate controllers if customers are losing important functionality?

just fix this please, would make my life a easier

Paul Van der Cruyssen

Contributor II
He.. SmartZones are not out of beta yet..

New Contributor III
Hi guys - thanks for the feedback and inputs. 

One thing to keep in mind is that SZ and ZD are completely different product sets aimed at different types of customers. Where ZD has always excelled at small to medium business deployments, all the functionality was bundled into the controller, which was also optimized for single-site deployments (in the ZD split-MAC architecture, the ZD handles most of the optimization and connectivity functionality, not the AP). Conversely, SZ was designed to handle large and distributed deployments, which means the split-MAC is more heavily weighted toward the AP. To that end, it also makes sense for us to offer certain functionality, like onboarding, policy, social login, and guest workflows, using a separate system like Cloudpath, which has advanced functionality, more flexibility, and better scale--and customers have explicitly requested such a platform. 

SZ is not for everyone. But even the quote from the manual indicates SZ for large deployments and highly distributed deployments, which are where SZ has particular advantages over ZD.

Marcus (Product Manager)

I knew that there would be a reply with the word 'CloudPath' in the message, and yes, that is a solution for some customers, you had Zero-IT in the first version on vSCG, and then after some updates it was gone
I know you want to sell more CloudPath, but putting in the features I'm asking for would make that Ruckus would sell more in general, and would give you more happy customers and partners

New Contributor III
Haha! You had me figured out. 🙂 

So honest question...what is preventing you from using Cloudpath to solve these desired workflows?