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Failover SmartZone Solutions

New Contributor III

Hey all, so I'm building out a stack, based on our previous stack and needed some guidance on how to proceed on said stack. I'm looking for a solution in the event of an outage for this particular stack.

We would have space in a colocation center housing the following:

  • Virtual SmartZone on a VM
  • Virtual Data Plane on a VM
  • Core Router (RGnets)

On-prem, we'd have the following: 

  • 85 Ruckus H550 AP's
  • 10 Ruckus 7150 Switches'
  • Basic Router

The core router at the DC would provision clients on a per-account basis (VLAN), QoS, DHCP, Bandwidth provisioning etc. The on-prem AP's essentially would point directly to our core router, and vSZ/vDP (@ colo) would manage said AP's. We'd have GRE enabled, so everything is tunneled back to colo for the RGnets(router) to manage and provision the entirety of the network. 

In the event that the Colo goes out - the on-prem AP's would go rouge, until the network is restored at the Colo for whatever reason. My question is, is there any solution on-prem to facilitate the failover until the colo's network is re-established?

Would I have to configure the on-prem router to handle those clients? Would I need an additional vSZ on prem to kick in and manage those AP's in the event of an outage from the colo?