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Error on Article #000006316 vSZ on AWS

New Contributor
I just went through this exercise and it took me a while to find the mistake. There is an error on the .docx attached for the above mentioned article.
Specifically, steps 7. On this step a reference to creating a JSON file called role-policy.json where the unix/linux command to create it calls it role-policy-json and the awscli command to apply it is also looking for role-policy.json, you will get an error. 

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RUCKUS Team Member
Thank you for pointing to the error. Will correct it shortly.


RUCKUS Team Member
I have made the changes in the KBA Document. It will reflect on the support portal in a day.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Please refer to the below video on installing the vSZ on AWS.

- Anusha

New Contributor II
This method of setting up the vSZ on AWS isn't great because you don't get any interaction with AWS. There is no cloud-init or aws-cloudformation-bootstrap. I got close to getting it set up but there were many painful roadblocks in the way and I never quite got it working properly. I got as far as finding the locked filesystem, which stops cloud-init running once it is installed. The filesystem can be mounted locally and you will get full shell access if you make sure the shell script for the CLI is not available on initialization. Is proper AWS support going to be available in the future?