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Doesn't SZ support provisioning from ZD F/W or F/W 10x.x(104.x,106.x and etc) to SZ now?

Valued Contributor
Recently, we found H320 or H510 with F/W as 106.x don't join to SZ using "set director ip".

I want to know whether it doesn't support really or we did mis-configuration.

I did enabling ap-cert-check and disabling many times.

And I also did "accept-all"  of  lwapp2scg many times.

But whenever I typed "set director ip x.x.x.x", I met failing to join to SZ.

Should I type "set scg ip"?

I never found details about it.

I need to get document about it.

Such as From which version to which version does "set directo ip" work?

Recently whenever a installation and deployment, we are confusing.