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SZ124 Cluster failing

New Contributor
I have a customer with two SZ124, linked to a Cisco switch via 10Gb SFP+ interfaces. The cluster is configured to tunnel all WLAN traffic back to the controller on a few VLANs. We seem to only be able to keep one SZ online at a time. The one controller seems to drop offline as soon as we tag the VLANs up to the interface. Ideas?

Contributor II
Anyway you can paste the switch port config here?  Also is the SZ124 setup using a single interface or two?  Are they both connected to the same switch?

The VLANs you are setting up on the trunk, are those the clients VLANs you used for the WLANs?  Are they also passed on the access switches?

This information is important.


Same switch.
Single interface.

The client VLANs are passed on each trunk interface, but I don't believe they're pushed all the way out to the edge switches. Each configured WLAN is tunneling all client traffic back to the controller

Interface TenGigabit1/0/15
 switchport mode trunk
 switchport trunk native vlan 99

Interface TenGigabit1/0/16
 switchport mode trunk
 switchport trunk native vlan 99