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Doesn't SZ support provisioning from ZD F/W or F/W 10x.x(104.x,106.x and etc) to SZ now?

Valued Contributor
Recently, we found H320 or H510 with F/W as 106.x don't join to SZ using "set director ip".

I want to know whether it doesn't support really or we did mis-configuration.

I did enabling ap-cert-check and disabling many times.

And I also did "accept-all"  of  lwapp2scg many times.

But whenever I typed "set director ip x.x.x.x", I met failing to join to SZ.

Should I type "set scg ip"?

I never found details about it.

I need to get document about it.

Such as From which version to which version does "set directo ip" work?

Recently whenever a installation and deployment, we are confusing.


Valued Contributor
Hi Jeronimo,

As of version 104.x.x.x and higher we have both ZD and SZ client in the AP software.

So if you are running 106.x.x.x just do the 
set scg ip x.x.x.x and then reboot.

Set scg IP is also valid for ALL SZ AP firmware.

On the ZD AP firmware it is set director ip x.x.x.x


Valued Contributor
I already knew your mention.

But sometimes AP is connected to SZ using "set director ip", sometimes AP is failed to join to SZ.

It's for us to confuse.