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DHCP on virtual smartzone, need to supply clients connecting to the guest SSID from dhcp on the controller

New Contributor III
Hi, please i need help regarding how to set DHCP on virtual smartzone. We need the clients of guest vlan to take ip from dhcp set on the controller, hopefully someone can guide me about how to set this. thank you

New Contributor III
Thank you Sanjay for your reply,

I read the links but actually they did not clear my confusion.

I configured dhcp Enable on Multiple APs.

The wireless client connecting to Guest SSID is taking ip as required and gateway as the IP of AP acting as DHCP server. After connecting i was surprised that client is able to access the internet although no routing is done for the gateway IP in the core network. I did traceroute, the client is connecting to the guest ssid, the client is taking ip from configured dhcp and gateway as ip of ap acting as dhcp server. then the packets are forwarded to the default gateway of the management subnet, the management subnet includes the ip addresses of the AP and controller and it is the untagged vlan on the switch ports. This is not feasible since clients connecting to the guest ssid are able to ping the controller and the aps. 


AP management ip :
AP default gateway : (routing for management network on core is done and can reach all subnets)

DHCP pool configured on VSZ : (no configuration is done for this subnet on core switch)
pool start :
pool end :

Image_ images_messages_5f91c450135b77e247a1a2f0_86f2b2680463203106e6ee115d29149d_RackMultipart20200302543461myp-8abd50a5-4ab5-48db-bbfe-1369ff258cd1-2018799001.png1583140437

client connects to guest ssid, gets redirect to the guest portal, enter guest pass and gets the following ip addresses

Image_ images_messages_5f91c450135b77e247a1a2f0_c2e3fcf7d8367bdcd625bede8153538e_RackMultipart2020030295038h0pw-6d842ed2-e978-426f-ba10-63e6043d3ff1-196338833.png1583140802

After connecting i did traceroute to and here is the result

Image_ images_messages_5f91c450135b77e247a1a2f0_4af9e5d4380dbc28837ba8c4b4ed3105_RackMultipart2020030230941x4p0-d048a852-c71c-43c3-a1aa-ee0bafd18761-2062827491.png1583141216

the packets are going to the management gateway

Would you please help me to get an explanation on how this is happening and what to do to set a default gateway for the clients connecting to the guest ssid 

Thank you