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DHCP Option 82 in Client DHCP Unicasts When Lease Time is Over

I am using Linux DHCP server to issue Client IPs. Client IPs should be issued based on DHCP option parameters. So in DHCP request (Broadcast) it will have option 82 parameters. 
My question is after lease time when client want to extend the lease? How will it work? As I understood this will be a unicast packet and how AP can embed option 82 parameters into this packet. ? 


New Contributor III

By default a DHCPDISCOVER is broadcast and therefore seen by any DHCP relay agent in the path and therefore they can act on the DHCP 82 option. However, DHCPRENEW are unicast to the DHCP server and not seen by the relay agent (AP or switch). To accomplish this, the DHCP server would have to be configured to support DHCP option 54. However DHCP option 82 is typically trusted from the initial DHCPDISCOVER so there is no need for the relay agents to see the DHCPRENEW. Can you elaborate on your ultimate goal?