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5.0 Advice

Contributor III
Hi All, really want to upgrade to 5.0 but been waiting for an MR. Anyone know when one is due? Other than that, anyone come across any major issues?

Contributor III
No major issues, but we did have to apply a service patch for an alert we were getting. We have R610 and a few T300 APs.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Robert,

The release for 5.1 is scheduled for November.  Now, that release time could change (perhaps +1 month change) given QA/Eng does not see any major time restraints. I do tell customers that if the upgrade is not pressing, and if none of the new features of a new release are not required, to upgrade till a MR (if the AP count is 2-5 then I wouldn't hessitate to upgrade myself).  Just common practice to give new releases time to mature so that new bugs, if any, are tended to in MR.  There are no major bugs related to 5.0.  Having said that we have thousands of customers running 5.0 and we have not seen any stoppers or issues where we had to retract SW. 

Thank you Robert,

-Roberto Flores.
Ruckus Wireless Support Eng.

Contributor III
Hi Roberto,

Thanks for the reply. Its a sticky situation i'm in. Customer is on 3.4 at the moment but they tunnel all their traffic and if i go to 3.5 i will hit ER-5023 which isn't fixed until 5.0

Customers preference is to upgrade ASAP as they are aware of the new features etc.

Likely i will have to take the plunge!