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Create WLAN across all zones on SZ 3.6

Contributor III
Hi All,

I am wanting to know if it is possible to create 1 WLAN and make it available across all, or multiple zones within a SZ on 3.6

I have a customer who is 1 enterprise but each site is a separate zone. They have a common SSID for corp users and i dont want to have to recreate this WLAN for every site.

Contributor II
You can clone the WLAN and put it in the zones you want.  That should do it for you.  All settings will carry over intact. 

Contributor III
Hi Dionis, i tried this but when i select the WLAN and click clone, i get the new window but the Zone line is greyed out so i cant change it even though i have multiple zones created.

RUCKUS Team Member
Customers who have several general WLAN/SSID's they wish to have across multiple Zones create the initial Zone with those WLAN's and then create Zone Templates.  Applying the Zone Templates to new Zones will put in the standard WLAN's created in the Template.  Unfortunately this only works when creating new Zones based on the standard template.

New Contributor III
In addition to Albert's suggestion, you can also create WLAN templates for each individual WLAN such that it is easily replicated across all zones. Then you can make changes centrally to the template and push it out to all zones.