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SZ-100 Cluster restore to a lab environment

Contributor II
To perform some code upgrade and rollback validation I'm attempting to load a cluster backup from our production environment onto identical hardware in an isolated lab.

I've created cluster backups and exported them via FTP to my local laptop, then uploaded them to the isolated lab SZ-100 but have hit a snag.

For some reason when running the "restore" command from cli, selecting the correct cluster backup and acknowledging the prompts "Starting to restore the system...." - the CLI just returns to the line below and does nothing.  This process used to work but suddenly has stopped and I'm not sure why.

This started happening after a failed upgrade from v3. to v3.  I haven't been able to restore a cluster backup since.

I've tried downgrading back down to and doing a "set-factory", then re-uploading the cluster backup files but no luck.

Hope someone out there might have an idea of whats going on.


New Contributor
Has the environment changed in any way? Specifically the hard drive configuration?

Contributor II
Not at all, we treat this as an appliance/black box.  Opening it up would void our warranty and we have no way of even imaging a drive that wasn't done at the factory by Ruckus.

Contributor II
One thing that might have changed is that the device has no access to the internet, it's isolated completely.