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Could Vsz enable to AAA proxy-mode for 802.1x?

Valued Contributor
Hi dear.

Could Vsz enable to AAA proxy-mode for 802.1x?

I can't find about this.

I configured AAA server(Configuration>>Services>>Authentication) as proxy-mode.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3dc135b77e2478b7d7a_e2e0dff0189579620191b8e0dcfb21bd_RackMultipart20161110305351euf-3ba5f443-a9ad-4182-b53c-eb3c015cc49e-1663475180.jpg1478763049

But I can't find this under wlan setting for 802.1x.Image_ images_messages_5f91c3dc135b77e2478b7d7a_727f52a276c63700161fc5d678d37647_RackMultipart20161110316875kdf-53c1a914-92d7-43b9-9e8e-82e82080393f-1572244931.jpg1478763011

How does it configure?

Plz let me know about it.


I could do it, basically it was a mistake, you have to define your Radius servers under config-system-services-AAA
once it done, you must assign one or more for every non-3gpp auth-method for "No match" and "unspecified" as well (might be you should use more).
Don't forget to set up appropriately the WLAN settings as well (Called-STD ID and other paramaters) and deploy the appropriately settings for free-radius or NPS as well. It works, I can confirm