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Clients are dropping off SSID and require password to be re-entered

New Contributor III

I have a site where clients are dropping off the SSID and then require their passwords to be re-entered.

This has happened with 2 SSID's, not every client is dropping off and it is across a range of devices - new macbooks, old macbooks, ACER laptop, Chromebooks. The SSIDs are set up to use DPSK which are unlimited.

There are 7 R600 AP's being controlled by a Virtual SmartZone cloud controller, hosted by the MoE provider.

There are a high number of EAP connection failures, which I'm assuming is due to the fact that they are requiring to re-enter their codes?

Really can't see why it would be happening, any info to point me in a direction to start looking would be great 🙂

Update: We've given users other codes to use, for some of them they are connecting them coming back saying they have to enter a code again. 

The VSZ version is