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Clients are dropping off SSID and require password to be re-entered

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I have a site where clients are dropping off the SSID and then require their passwords to be re-entered.

This has happened with 2 SSID's, not every client is dropping off and it is across a range of devices - new macbooks, old macbooks, ACER laptop, Chromebooks. The SSIDs are set up to use DPSK which are unlimited.

There are 7 R600 AP's being controlled by a Virtual SmartZone cloud controller, hosted by the MoE provider.

There are a high number of EAP connection failures, which I'm assuming is due to the fact that they are requiring to re-enter their codes?

Really can't see why it would be happening, any info to point me in a direction to start looking would be great 🙂

Update: We've given users other codes to use, for some of them they are connecting them coming back saying they have to enter a code again. 

The VSZ version is



The issue with the macbook , is sometime due to  corruption in the keychain.

You might have to go into the control panel for networking & remove all the old unused NW points.

Also have seen this with script kiddies spoofing the SSID's, the devices try to authenticate to duplicate stations, fail & then register in the client as bad password

when actually its just the "Wrong" pw for the spoofed ssid.

sometime it is an attempt to  get the password re-sent with a weaker form of encryption.

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Have you opened a support case? Tough to see what's going on without analyzing the logs further..

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Sooo... I contacted the Moe Provider who are hosting the Virtual Smartzone controller in the cloud and apparently the issue was with them. Thay have since fixed the issue and clients are steady again. Unfortunately they didn't say what the issue was or how they fixed it.


you lucky guy our office is opposite a secondary school.....