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Capturing of Probe Requests of the users.

New Contributor II

Hi Team,
I'm looking for a solution to get the probe requests generated from the users cell phones. For example in a shopping mall or in stadium I want to identify the estimated number of persons through the WIFI probe requests.
Is there any option available in ruckus H510 or vsz 5.1.2 to capture the probe requests of the users cell phones.




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi laeeq2410,

I believe it is hard to track the number of users connecting to a network using the probe request as any device which is hearing the AP will send null probe request. Null probe request means a device will send blank probe request which inturns gets a response from the available APs who hears that blank request. So it is like every device which is nearby that AP will try to send the probe request irrespective of that device is trying to connect to that network intentionally. Hope this helps.