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Bad SmartZone UI Glitch, unable to access critical WLAN settings

New Contributor III

This is ridiculous. The web interface refreshes itself every time I attempt to click or double click on particular WLANs. Happens with all browsers from any computer I try. Only some WLAN's are doing it. Can't stop the browser before it reloads either.

Restarted controller, updated to the latest 3.6.2 build 250. No change. Can't recreate the WLAN because I can't get into the settings to pull the passphrase.


the Youtube video, did you have a local connection to the controller, or remote (in some way), I think (but just a gues) that there is 'someting' in between causing this strange behaviour

That browser is on a server connected to the same switch as the SZ.

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Donald,

Please login into the controller CLI, run below command to sync the database and check if you still see the issue.

vsz_cli> enable 
vsz_cli# debug 
vsz_cli(debug)# reindex-elasticsearch-all 

Command will not cause any network or service impact, it is just to sync the database.

Also attach a screenshot of the error or symptom.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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It's definitely not a "vSZ glitch", but most probably issue with your installation - data corruption, it looks.  Did you have power outage, HDD issue, or networking problem between nodes recently?

vSZ is quit resilient, but if DBs are not in good shape, it will not work properly.

If reindex-elasticsearch-all  will not help, I would advice to arrange remote session with Ruckus support, to get internal DBs in synch. Of cause, if you have working backup, restoring it normally is the fastest way in virtual environment.  I normally backup all VMs after any major configuration change or upgrade, and restoring in case of any failure takes about 30 minutes...

Was not useful that often, but twice it really saved my day .

If you don't have VMs backup, but have good cluster backup, you can reinstall everything from scratch, and apply backup, it takes about 3-5 hours.

New Contributor III

Ruckus TAC has spent a couple hours trying to fix the database through the shell, and it's still broken. It is very disappointing that a problem like this requires jumping back to old backups until I hopefully find one that works. This erodes my faith in Ruckus wireless as product, the TAC, and it is overall extremely disappointing. As IT consultants, we rarely have control over battery backup, etc, and would have no way of knowing if power failures could occur. If a power failure can corrupt the database where I can't edit the SSID I have deployed to 1,000 chromebooks, Ruckus needs to be better prepared for fixing the database.