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Bad SmartZone UI Glitch, unable to access critical WLAN settings

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This is ridiculous. The web interface refreshes itself every time I attempt to click or double click on particular WLANs. Happens with all browsers from any computer I try. Only some WLAN's are doing it. Can't stop the browser before it reloads either.

Restarted controller, updated to the latest 3.6.2 build 250. No change. Can't recreate the WLAN because I can't get into the settings to pull the passphrase.


 IT consultant should know that any critical installation must be protected by backups, because it is the only way to protect service in case of physical or logical failures, including files system corruption.

Cluster makes service resilient for host disconnections, but it is not replacement for backups (same as RAID array isn't).

If you have VM corrupted because of power or any other  problems, and don't have backup handy, it is exactly your problem, not Ruckus. You must have backups for VMs as well as configuration backups.

When VM is damaged by power outage or any other external reason (for clusters it may include network faults), it can have any file corrupted -- it is completely random, and there is no safe way to fix it except restoring VM backup.

Actually Smart Zone is very resilient, and usually you don't have any issues even in case of  blackout, but sometimes you are not so lucky - and if file system is broken too much, it just can't be fixed to restore all files to original conditions.

This why there are cloud solutions -- clouds are maintained by professionals, and have both resiliency and backup in place. But even than problems happen - it's real life!

Fortunately I know that in this case there was not a power failure as it is a primary client where I am familiar with the battery backup. I am familiar with recovering from those scenarios, but not familiar with my scenario where everything appears to work except for a UI glitch that locks me out of specific system settings.

As for your assertion that Ruckus SZ's are resilient, I respectfully disagree. I have 9 clients with smart zone controllers and 20 more with zone directors. In my 10+ years of working with them I would not define them as resilient, so given my current circumstances and history of recovering smart zones, seeing how slowly they boot up, restore, etc, you might understand why I am tilted by your use of the word resilient. 

Also, this SZ was very recently recovered by RMA and restored from a cluster backup. I suspect the database corruption came along with that, so I feel like I would be wasting time doing cluster and config backups. I have plenty backups. I just don't want to accept that as Ruckus' official answer, because I don't like that answer.

So I have reached out to the Texas engineer rep for my area and linked him to this thread, if Ruckus can't pull up a real fix I'm going to have to re-create SSID's, and pray that the corrupted SSID's can be removed in the command line.

Hi Donald,

Could you share the support case number?

Make your comment private in case you do not wish to share publically.

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