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Apple devices have roaming issues when using 6.1.1 in proxy mode


Dear Ruckus Users,

can anyone confirm that he is affected in large scale environment from IPads and IPhones getting blank pages with having no internet access? We have Customer Running radius Proxy on Controller to authenticate against the school server application. This application is made for large scale universities and we did not see any reason for getting worse over time with any 6.1.1 AP and Controller version.

After the upgrade to 6.1.2 with its default AP firmware the issue is gone. We think it is related to fix ER-12028 as all logs even in analytics look exactly the same. Also we discovered a major issue with Apple TVs which are spamming dhcp and switches with disconnect and connect requests. As the School has more then 50 Apple TVs this was basically killing the cpus from the temps Aruba 6000/6100 switches and even 6200 got hammered with CPU load of sometimes over 50%. Disconnecting all Apple TVs LAN did reduce DHCP requests by over 50% but did not solve our issue. For that we needed to upgrade controller to 6.1.2.

Can anyone please confirm the behaviour in a 802.1X large scale environment and maybe can verify the behaviour of Apple TVs disconnecting/connecting sub seconds on Ruckus ICX switches as I do not have a Apple TV to test and no Ruckus onsite.

If you can confirm the behaviour please let me know here. Maybe Ruckus support can make a knowledge entry with the patch for 6.1.1. or suggest upgrade to 6.1.2 if you experiance this issue with blank pages.

Thank in advance,