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Anyone here is using Virtual Smart Zone Dataplane ?

New Contributor II
We are using vSZ-D and tunneling all traffic from AP to Dataplane and we are facing some basic issue like after a while the tunnels crash and need a reboot of the Dataplane to come back with connectivity.

Since this is a major issue, I wonder if anyone else using vSZ-D is using it and what is the experience so far.

Valued Contributor
Hi Crisgasp,

I think the best would be to open a support ticket to get your issue resolved.

Kind regards

New Contributor II
Already did one week ago - so far no improvement/progress.
Since I didn't find any reference on Ruckus Forums or Internet about vSZ-D problem or tunneling issue, I'm wondering if anyone is using it. Our issue is major and affect the main feature of the solution.

New Contributor III
Any updates on this issues as of now? We are looking to purchase the virtual data plane license and implement some tunnel to controller WLANs. We too are using virtual/cluster zSZ-D version 3.2

New Contributor II
We had some issue with. Seems, vSZ-D have connectivity issue with anothers machine connected to same vSwitch. It is not recommended to connect it to another virtual machine (e.g. virtual Firewall / Router) for the forwarding of Tunnel Endpoint. It is not recommended to use a vSwitch, better to use a Distributed Switch. It is recommended to connect directly the Tunnel Endpoint interface to physical Router.