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Announcement: RUCKUS SmartZone 7.0.0 with AFC Support Product Guides Published on RUCKUS Support Por

RUCKUS Team Member



The following RUCKUS SmartZone 7.0.0 product guides with AFC support have been published on the RUCKUS Support Portal. See the “New in This Document” section for details on the most recent changes.


RUCKUS SmartZone (ST-GA) Patch 1 Release Notes, 7.0.0


RUCKUS SmartZone (ST-GA) Alarm and Event Reference Guide, 7.0.0


RUCKUS SmartZone (ST-GA) WLAN Management Guide, 7.0.0


RUCKUS SmartZone (ST-GA) Getting Started on SZ GPB/MQTT Interface, 7.0.0


RUCKUS SmartZone (ST-GA) AP Management Guide, 7.0.0


Note: HTML versions of the product guides are available on the Technical Content Portal  ( and included as embedded links on the RUCKUS Support Portal.