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Activating APs outside vSZ's network

New Contributor II
How can I activate/connect my new APs (R710 and T300) to my vSZ (hosted with GCE)?

Have in mind that these are brand new unregistered APs and they will be operating outside the vSZ's cloud network.

New Contributor III
Either you pre-prepare the APs by feeding the vSZ IP to each unit manually, or you create a DHCP option in the scope of the remote location where the APs will be installed

New Contributor II
How do I pre-prepare the APs, how do I feed them config parameters such as the vSZ IPs?

Is there a Ruckus guide for this?

What would be the more scalable option (AP IP feeding vs DHCP) considering that I will always be deploying APs outside of the controller's (vSZ) network?

Thank you!

New Contributor II
I use DNS discovery for our APs deployed on customer sites. I use an A record pointing zonedirector.localdomain to the external IP of the vSZ. As long as you have the ports open on vSZ site the AP will end up in staging zone. I recommend reading the administrator manual for the vSZ. It describes all this. There are also documents on the support portal where you can find all the necesary ports that you will need to open so your external AP:s can communicate with your vSZ. 

New Contributor II
Hi Niklas, do you know the name of the support material on port opening for AP communication.