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Hotspot on vSCG with Local DB. Bind local users with roles

New Contributor III
I am trying to config a wlan hostpot using Local DB authentication. I have created local users and roles. 
My question is: How can I  bind local user with local roles to allow the users connect to the right wlan via hotspot?

Contributor II

Few things, follow these steps:

Assuming you are using vSZ-H.

Configuration > AP Zones

Select the zone where you want the SSID to reside

Create a Hotspot (WISPr) profile

Creating the WLAN:

When creating the WLAN, use Authentication Type Hotspot (WISPr)

Under Hotspot Portal section, select the Hotpost (WISPr) Portal profile you created

Under this same section, for Authentication Service, enable Use the controller as proxy and select the Local DB option as the authentication server (you could use your radius server if you chose at this point instead of the vSZ as the authenticator).

That's it, the rest is based on your preference.  The users you create now under local database will be able to authenticate on these services.

New Contributor III
That ́s clear and these steps have been configured. But, I want to define different user roles to connect to different hotspot wlans. 
How can I bind users with roles?