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AAA Non Proxy Authentication OpenLDAP

New Contributor II

Hello community.

I have created a non proxy auth connection in a VSZ HS version, and I want to apply in the search filter a filter that searches in several groups of the AD created in OpenLDAP.

I would like you to help me to find a filter that helps me in the authentication.

I have two groups for authentication and I need the two to be mixed in a single search filter, as I have no possibility to create a secondary LDAP profile for the same IP server.

The data for the LDAP profile is as follows

IP: X.X.X.X.X.
port: 389
Base DN: dc=XXXXX,dc=edu,dc=co
Admin DN: cn=admin,dc=XXXXXX,dc=edu,dc=co
Password: ********
Key attribute: uid
searh filter:tipoUsuario=*administrativo* (for the first search group)
searh filter:tipoUsuario=estudiante* (for the second search group)

Attached is an image of the structure in the OpenLDAP AD as a reference of the groups


When i aplly only one filter for the authentication in the profile AAA is correct, but when i apply other filter, it don't work or display error of occuped system.

I appreciate your help.