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400 bad request, No required SSL certificate was sent, nginx

New Contributor II
I downloaded the vscg-, and followed the install docs for my ESXi, 6.7.0 cluster.  I'm setting the Smartzone up as an essentials profile with only 1 NIC.  The setup goes fine without any problems.  I can ping the vSmartzone appliance from my workstation just fine, and it can ping me.  When I go the WEB interface to finish the install, I received the following message:

400 bad reques
No required SSL certificate was sent

Would you please help with the problem.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Stephan,

While logging into the Web please use following format https:// IP>:8443.


New Contributor II
Hi  Akush,

Thanks.  I just found this out from the .PDF file.  The video and HTLM docs didn't say anything about a port number.

I do have another problem, if you are willing to help...

When I do login to continue with the setup, i'm pushed to the Cluster Information section.  I'm not able to go back to make any changes to the following:


I fill in the cluster information and click NEXT, i'm then taken to the Management IP Address area.  I complete that section and click NEXT, but it just bring me back to the Cluster Information area again.  I'm stuck in a loop.  Any thoughts?


Contributor III
I remember seeing something similar in the past. Are you assigning your IP using DHCP or static? I think I was using DHCP and I still had to manually assign the DNS servers and/or the default gateway. If possible, configure all IP parameters manually and make sure to provision all those values.

Otherwise, if at all possible, you could try to complete the installation using the console of the virtual machine? On ESXi you should be able to access the virtual "screen" of the VM and complete the installation like that.