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the main floor extender stopped extending the Internet

New Contributor

Hi there,

the main floor extender stopped extending the Internet. Had the same issue 2 years ago with this new home. The Lennar technician resolved the problem in less than 10 min back then. 

What needs to be done to get it back to work? Any comprehensive step-by-step instruction?

Thank you!


New Contributor

Hi there,

probably, the CTL green indicator went off on the main floor extender. Now all the devices are hanging on the upper level extender with the dropping out Internet on them from time to time and its poor quality.

When we bought this Lennar home 2 years ago, there was the same initial problem, which went right with the house. I could not troubleshoot it myself back then, but the Lennar technician went out and said, that the main level extender did not extend any Internet. It took him about 10 min to make it right. I've no idea, what he did back then, but I need to just repeat the same procedure this time. 

Unfortunately, I did not find anything useful on any Forums on how to resolve such a problem, which is crucial to my family, while I and my wife primarily work from home.

Please, help asap!

Thank you!


Hope you are doing well 

Basically the CTL should be on in of your access point  indicating that is the  'main controller' of the Wireless Access Points network. 

Access Point : 


In simple words the CTL light should only be on in one of your pre-installed wireless access that is indicating that is the Main controller.

where the other access points do not have the CTL light on it only indicates that they participate in the network as member of the  (unleashed network)  but they are not the 'main controller'

Here is the guide what is meaning of each color light :

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 



1:Is the AP receiving power, please describe the lights, use the following diagram for reference:


2:is the internet totally down, by default if one AP fails, the other should take the owner's turn for connection.
3:have you made any changes to the service provider's router, by default the APs will be affected, as the APs rely on the ISP router to provide internet?
4:Can you see the SSID/Wi-Fi signal, and can you connect, please describe.
5:Please check the connections first, please follow the guide below.

Most common Setups for Lennar homes users

Ruckus at Home: Introduction (Tutorial video)

Note: Please provide more details in your post, so that we can provide a possible solution in the first response.




I'm sorry, I was not clear with my initial message.

Here are the answers to your questions (with pics attached - the extender with a CTL green light off on main level is not working):

1) yes, the AP is receiving the power;

2) no, the Internet is not totally down - the upper level extender is still working (the attached pic with 4 GREEN indicators on);

3) no changes to the service provider's router. There was a power outage, that might cause something though - just my guesses. I turned it off and on after that a couple of times - did not help;

4) all the devices are still connected to the same wi-fi RUCKUS network and work more or less normally from the working extender on the upper floor with unstable Zoom sessions and mosaic TV pictures not working one on main levelnot working one on main levelworking one on upper levelworking one on upper levelthough;

5) all the connections are untouched.