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reset R310's not accepting default password for unleashed app ?

New Contributor

Hi, I am repurposing 5 x R310's and have them connected for PoE to a switch. Whilst I have done the factory reset, downloaded IOS Unleashed app and can access the Configure.Me wifi prompt - I am stuck at the password request. Neither the factory default or using the serial number satisfies the wifi config.

I have read plenty of past reviews with the same issue - though most had multi port units allowing for lan and poe access. I am not running injectors and didn't expect to need it !

The IP address isn't available from the browser - in the same way the standard ruckus unleashed page is also unavailable. (Tried from windows and ios on different browsers). 

Any ideas on how to activate these units would be appreciated. Cheers  


New Contributor

You fix?