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how to set up a replacement of switch icx7150-c12p and access points

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I just got a new  ICX7150-c12p for replacement. I have three access points. After plugged in with the new switch, I can see  that there are three wireless and one, and all access points are blinking green on 5G and 2.4G without other light on.  Since this is first time I am doing this, is there a step by step guide  on how to set up in order to get them to work?




Hi @tanchen75 

Please make sure the cables are connected correctly the cable from the Router ( ISP ) internet provider is connected to 1 of the 12 ports (in the red section) .

ICX-7150-C12P-front (1) normal  11.jpg

Most common Setups for Lennar homes users

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Fernando Vasquez 


The cable connections are done according to the steps outlined in the link you provided above;  There are all solid green lights on status and ethernet cable connection port (I don't have permission to upload image here).

1. Access Point R510/R310 ( AP 😞 Power light is blinking, solid green light on "CTL" and no other light.

2. there are  different wireless:  3 ( i have 3 APs) ,  a few of configure.m-xxxx and ruckus-unleased.

please let me know what to do next.



Hi @tanchen75

Based on your description,  PWR LED blinking Green means that the Access Points are not getting an IP address from router. Please confirm the cable connection of your device.

Check if the port the AP is connected to is providing DHCP services on the Native/Default VLAN.

The versions must match for the AP to join the network unleashed existing

1-Connect the AP to your router to get a valid IP
2-Ssh to the IP, default credentials are admin/sp-admin
3-Run the following command > show version

4-Confirm the version of the AP

Most common Setups for Lennar homes users

Also let me add more detail to understand the LED lights of your Access points. 

R510 LED lights

Best regards,


Lennar Home Community


For the steps outlined above 1~4, could you give me a little more details about which tools I could use to run step 2 to 4?