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changing the wireless network on the RUCKUS device for Smart Home set up

New Contributor


We would like to find out how we can change our wireless network information for out RUCKUS device, which runs our Amazon Smart Home devices. We changed internet service providers and no longer use the router we had when the system was set up. We recently had a new modem/router installed and it was suggested that the RUCKUS device be set up under the same network information as our new home wireless network. Thank you!



Hi @AD 

Hope you are doing well ! 

If you want to make sure the connections are accurate here is short guide that can help you with this : 

Most common Setups for Lennar homes users

If you already know the login credentials ' admin / password ' using the mobile app or web  for the unleashed management dashboard.

Admin usernames and passwords for the Ruckus Wi-Fi Access Points/Switch for Lennar home users

If you don't know the old credentials at all or you have no idea, we could do a Factory reset to one of the Access Points ( white box on the ceiling ) and configure from 0 for this I recommend reading the following guide carefully.

Physical Factory Reset an Access Points Ruckus

Ruckus Unleashed Set-up using your Mobile

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez