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No lights on Ruckus R320 AP

New Contributor

I am renting a home and it has 2 APs. The upstairs AP works fine, has lights, and i can seem to get one device to access the internet (phone, laptop, or smartTV). As soon as I connect a second device, everything doesn’t work. Meaning I cannot stream a game on ESPN and use my phone to send an IMessage at the same time. The downstairs AP has no response, i tried swapping them, and same thing happens. Whatever is connected upstairs works, downstairs does not. Requested maintenance from my property manager and was told to kick rocks



Hi @Ruckusgri 

Can you confirm if the Switch that the Access Points are connected can manage the power for both, now for Lennar home there are some specific set up, please check the next guide.


Most common Setups for Lennar homes users

Ruckus at Home: Introduction(Tutorial video)


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Yarenis Hernández

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired