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What version of firmware should I be running with ICX7150-C12P-2X1G for Lennar Smart home?

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I have been running the since I moved in 2 years ago. The latest recommended s (per the app), but Amazon was very specific to me about not upgrading the firmware. Obviously, it will need updating at some point but I know there have been issues with stability/connectivity in other versions.

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I have Ruckus Unleashed R610s APs, it was running 200.8.  After upgrading to latest 200.9, took a big hit of about 40% speed reduction from 580 mpbs up/down to about 330 mpbs.  Its default configuration.  I can't restore from my backed up configuration from 200.8, since its not compatible. What a $#@@# pain!  Why dont Comscope translate old configuration to new format for 200.9?  Becaue of this, i am downgrading back to latest 200.8.  Dont have time to mess and tune the configuration at every upgrade.  What a nightmare of a company. Not surprised why its falling fast....