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R510 firmware upgrade

New Contributor

I'm in a networked Lennar home (came totally networked and was setup by others with little info given to us) that includes a R510 located on the living room ceiling.  I am still running version firmware and see that I can upgrade to per the Unleashed app.  Someone else in my neighborhood is running version 200.9 on their R510.  Question I have is..  if I do the recommended update, will it then prompt for another version update when complete thus moving me up through the versions, or should I approach the firmware update differently, say download the 200.9 firmware update and bypass any incremental updates.

Also, which is the best version for a general home user.  Prefer not to break what doesn't need fixing.


New Contributor II

I have a Lennar homes too. When Amazon installed mine back in 2019 they installed the 200.7 firmware. I noticed slow network speeds. Amazon came back and downgraded to 200.6 as they received several complains about the 200.7.  

I would skip 200.7. 

But responding to your question, the Ruckus Unleashed App shows the 200.7 as the latest update available. If you want to install 200.9 you will have to do it “manually”. Test the 200.9 for me and confirm the speeds are still high. 🙂

One more thing. Those firmwares 200.6 to 200.9 are basically the same firmware version 200.x with more fixes and some enhancements (releases). You can jump releases without any doubt. 

If you are jumping versions ( ie 200.x to 201.x) it might require to jump to an intermediate release.  The FW upgrade utility would notify you preventing the jump. 

That is a best practice from IT companies.  

Thank you very much for the information!  Our home was completed in 2018 and that is what Amazon installed at the time and I haven't upgraded since.  Haven't had any issues so I'm on the fence about any upgrade.  Had read about the issues with 200.7 and knew I had to skip that one.

I'll do some speed tests before and after to see if it makes a difference and let you know.  Again, thank you for your input!!