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We don’t have any power at the R510 access point switches. I have tried resetting the switches and

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We have no power at the 2 R510 switches in our Lennar home, this happened after a power outage.there is power at the main hub and we have tv, phone and internet. I have tried to reset both switches, but none of the lights on the switch box light up. I think the switches were fried after the power outage. Any suggestions would be helpful but please consider any advice needs to be in simple terms please


I  was able to get help at the Ruckus support site you listed.They will replace the access points . Thank you again for your help 

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We have the same issue -- no power at the 2 R510 APs probably after a power outage on Nov. 12, 2022.  We have a Lennar home as well.  I looked at the Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P switch.  As expected, the lights on the PoEs that connect to the APs are not lighting up.  I called the Ruckus customer support, but was told Lennar homeowners are no longer supported by phone or email.  This forum seems to the be the only support Lennar homeowners will get.  Dear Ruckus:  We NEED HELP ASAP.  

I was directed to  I would try this site and tell them what happened, you will need the serial numbers to each device. This worked for me