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VPN Disconnecting At Home WIFI, Never for work WIFI

New Contributor


I have 2 AP's at my home wifi, This uses the Ruckus system which is part of the LENNAR home default when they built our house. For some reason, when I am connected to my home wifi, the VPN that I have to connect for my work loses connectivity at random times.  I'd say every hour or so, but can't be exactly sure the timing. Ap types are R320. It's frustrating because I will all of a sudden lose connectivity to Smartsheet, Tableau, Box etc. All systems that require connection to VPN for access. This doesn't happen when I am connected to a wifi network at a coffee shop for example.  

Also, this never happens when I am at the office and use their wifi, they don't require the use of a VPN when connecting. And even when I connect to their other network that requires a VPN, it never disconnects like it does at my home wifi. 

Is there a setting that is doing like background refreshing or scanning that could be affecting this?