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Unleashed firmware


Hi all,

I see that unleashed firmware has been released if you look on the master AP via the browser. I don't yet see it on the site hence there are no release notes available yet. I succesfully upgraded my 3 ap's (2 x R710 and 1 x R610) to unleashed however 2 AP's (except the master) were having reboot loops. They come online and shortly after they were rebooting again. I flashed back to version Was the release of premature?




i was using 200.8 on my AP unleashed R610s.  Upgraded to I believe. It cut down my speed by 40%.  Went back to 200.8, my WiFi speed is back to near 600Mbps.  Definitely 200.9 is buggy and not backward compatible to the old backup configuration. Must create a new config and manually re-tuned your system for speed optimization. WTF!!!!

@joseph_nguyen_gdm3zmg9y64pn this is totally off topic!


How is it off topic? its related to 200.9 firmware release? Its another buggy symptom of 200.9 release.  Its definitely related to the main topic.  Who are you to decide its off  topic?

@joseph_nguyen_gdm3zmg9y64pn  the topic is specifically about firmware, which is released to public 2 days ago. If you have problems with older 200.9 releases there are multiple topics in the forum. Posting about problems with older releases mixes with the main problems introduced with the current latest release!

Why don't they just do a better job in testing before releases.  We wasted endless hours, we dont work for Ruckus.  Do a better job of testing and QA before releasing.  We are not your QAs.  This is horrible.  Shouldn't have ten versions of 200.9 period.  Lame... Poor product.  

200.9 vs. 200.8. Should i care about every line of code that changes, and every decimal thousandth places of versions? NO!