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Unleashed firmware


Hi all,

I see that unleashed firmware has been released if you look on the master AP via the browser. I don't yet see it on the site hence there are no release notes available yet. I succesfully upgraded my 3 ap's (2 x R710 and 1 x R610) to unleashed however 2 AP's (except the master) were having reboot loops. They come online and shortly after they were rebooting again. I flashed back to version Was the release of premature?



Maybe it is better not to upgrade and wait for more feedback from Ruckus.

@chris_weaven how many AP's do you have in your unleashed network? I have a feeling the boot loop issue/kernel panic is more frequent with more ap's? 

I have seen bootlooping with a single R510 AP on .233 - it became markedly worse (uptime of at least 23h -> 5.5 minutes) when I enabled WiFi calling, details below.  I'm also seeing @emes error 3-5 times a second (~100/minute).  I have logs around the reboot times if Ruckus wants them but for now I'm turning WFC back off and may move back to .212 later this week.

WFC was set up with 3 profiles, AT&T, T-Mobile, & Verizon:

Issue began when WFC was enabled in Advanced WLAN settings.

Good find. I also have wifi call enabled.

New Contributor II

I have 4xR510 and am not seeing reboots, but am seeing these errors (kernel/emerg, prob not) reported about 1200 times per minute.

[13230.458965] ol_rx_process_tags:rx_tatus 2 rx_desc[1]: 0xE2000003 FCS err, drop a false ekahaul frame addr2: b4:cf:00:a5:24:87