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Unable to access AP remotely

New Contributor
  • My wireless network is off completely 
  • unable to open unleashes home page to reset APs.
  • All devices have gone offline for almost 12 hours.


Hi Bhirani110

Thank you for contacting Lennar Home Community.

Hope you are doing well!!!

Thank you for the detailed information you shared,

As per the case description, I could understand that your wireless network is off and unable to Access the AP’s.

Could you please let us know?

1. Was there any Power Outage?

2. On your switch while it's plugged into the outlet, do you see any lights on? (Amber or green) Please let us know which lights are on. (Please refer to the below picture)

3.Please make sure the Ethernet cable is connected to anyone in the 12 ports shown in the picture below:


4. Also please Make sure it is plugged into a well-known outlet/power source.

5. May I know how many Access Points are connected to the Switch and the number of affected Access Points?


Please refer to the below guide for connection setup:

Most common Setups for Lennar homes users


Please help us with pictures of your ICX-7150-C12P Switch showing the status of the lights.


Please let me know if you have any queries in this regard.

Best regards,

Imran Sanadi

Lennar Home Community.