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Setting up system after buying previously owned home

New Contributor

I bought a Lennar home from its original owner who didn't leave me any information about the Ruckus system.  I saw that there was a network name and password inside the cabinet, but that network didn't show up on my wireless, neither with nor without AT&T internet plugged in.  Trying to set up my own wifi through the unleashed app didn't work because the network never showed up.  After doing a factory reset on the box (ICX 7150-C12P), the network still doesn't show up, but a network with an alphanumeric similar to the original password does appear; however, the cabinet password for the original network does not work on the, nor does the default admin password I saw in another thread. I don't know if I can console access, as I'm not exactly sure what cable is even required for that, but a straight cat5 cable between a laptop and the 7150 didn't seem to do anything, I could never get to resolve to anything.

I need help setting up the factory reset 7150, and if that caused any issues with the 3x R510 WAPs in the house, then I also need help with getting those set up again as well.