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Rukus support contact me asap.

New Contributor

4 time this horrible system has logged me out and won’t let me get on my internet. APs don’t work, log in doesn’t work and no instants support when I work from home. I’m losing money and feel sorry for anybody that has to work with this product. I need someone from Rukus to contact me asap and fix this for good. Now Lennar customers are only supported by forum which is ridiculous. 


Last time something got deleted off my profile that disabled the switch and AP's. Was nothing to do with the actual equipment. I cant access that area within the admin/app to fix the issue

Hi @Rukusisjunk 

Gain access via Web GUI as long you are connected to the same Subnet you should be able to log in with your credential, try the next site, and if you cannot log in search for the Access Point's IP address of your Access Points to gain access to the management page, take in consideration that you network its local, so we do no have access.

Unleashed dashboard link:


How to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications


Note: from web guide or even APP, there is no option to block your credentials, but maybe the radio's signal is disabled, once you gain access to can check the setting for the Access Points:

Enable the Radios Signal for the SSID:

Select the WLAN you want to configure from the Wi-Fi Networks component and click Edit> Advanced Options > Radio Control>Enable WLAN on>choose all to enable both radios in the SSID/Wi-Fi you choose.


Enable the Radios Signal per AP:

Access Points>click the AP you want to configure> Edit>Radio B/G/N (2.4G)>Enable

Access Points>click the AP you want to configure> Edit>Radio A/N/AC (5G)>Enable


Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired


I don't think you're understanding what I'm saying. I cannot get on to anything because the admin website deleted the network on it's side without me knowing. I cannot access it because it doesn't appear through the switch or APs. It needs to be done on the back end which I do not have access to. This was something support had to fix each time by remotely logging in. The site does not allow me to get to the page. I need technical help from a live person on the back end. Please!!!!??

Hi @Rukusisjunk

I know as you mentioned, you cannot see the SSID, so you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi signal coming from the Access Points even if the APs are powering up, this is why I mentioned if the site is not working you need to do it with the IP address of the Access Points (each of them will get a unique IP address from your ISP router), this is why I have shared the guide to find the IP addresses in your network including the IPs of your access points), as you mentioned your Wi-Fi coming from your ISP router works fine, so this means that the Access Points are getting an IP address.


Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired

How do we get access to the admin to fix the issue? How can you help me with that to get this fixed like they did before? They guide website didnt work and just wanted me to sign up for something extra. It wouldn't let me download that scanner and I didnt need it before when they fixed it the other 4 times