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Rukus support contact me asap.

New Contributor

4 time this horrible system has logged me out and won’t let me get on my internet. APs don’t work, log in doesn’t work and no instants support when I work from home. I’m losing money and feel sorry for anybody that has to work with this product. I need someone from Rukus to contact me asap and fix this for good. Now Lennar customers are only supported by forum which is ridiculous. 



Hi @Rukusisjunk 

To understand your issue, and in order to give you the best possible solution, please answer the following questions:

1:Are you able to see your SSID/Wi-Fi signal and connect?

2:Does this start after a power outage?

3:If you connect your computer over wireless or wire to the ISP router (service provider router) is the internet working fine or not?

4:Have you discarded any bad cabling between the ISP router and your ICX7150 Switch?

5:If you have access to the Unleashed APP or via web, browser to the Unleashed Dashboard( please check if your switch is displayed as ICX7150-router or ICX7150-Switch.


Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired



1. I can connect directly to my wireless router/modem that Xfinity provides, but can no longer see the Ruckus network

2. There was no power outage, I just went into the app to check diagnostics and it was logged out. Now it's not letting me back in.

3. Internet is working directly through the ISP router/modem just fine. No Ruckus or APs which are needed.

4. Cabling is brand new and has no visible issues or loss of any powers to the switch or APs.

5. Again I'm forced logged out of the app and it wont let me back in. I cant even go on the config wifi to set up again. 

This isn't a hardware issue, this is an app or network issue

Hi @Rukusisjunk 

1:You cannot log to the APP if you are not connected to the Access Point SSID/Wi-Fi signal.

Note: even if you have enabled remote access will no work either, if it is not online.

2:If you cannot even see the SSID, I can guess the APs are not even powering up.

3:So the first, will be checking if the Switch, which is the one that provides data en power to the Access Points is fine, it may be a ICX7150 Switch (same brand as the Access Points), so check the next in the Switch:

A:It's turn on?

B:Is the system LED light, amber, or green.

C:Are the Ethernet ports light up?

D:are other devices that required power from the switch working fine, such doorbells, cameras, so on?

E:If you connect a computer to the Switch via wired, is getting connectivity to the internet or not?


Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired

I answered all these questions already. Yes everything has power and lights. This has happened before 4 times and they had to remote in on the admin side and fix it. It has nothing to do with the equipment. It's not the switch, not the AP's or anything else. I need someone to help me with the login so It recognizes the devices and network.