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Ruckus switch unreachable/disconnected after power outage

New Contributor II

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Was this resolved? I am also seeing the switch is disconnected but the internet is working in android phone and windows laptop but not with iphone and macbook .

Does anyone have any ideas?

I had the same issue last time as well. My lennar people replaced the switch and then worked fine. Even it was showing online when it was working on iphone and macbook. 

wow you're lucky! I requested a replacement to simply fix my similar issue and they sent me a complicated method to fix it myself instead. 

Image_ images_messages_60dc78dd7924634658b50eb1_68e19154ae878251e9698a228dc2167d_tempsnip-1e75223e-7aad-4e10-bffe-10c4b71c1595-980519633.png

Here is the image

Is this issue ever resolved for you? Can you help with the steps that you performed to resolve?